«At the Heart Center I am an entrepreneur and affiliated doctor with my own medical practice and yet I’m integrated into a larger whole. On the one hand, this gives me the necessary flexibility and freedom in my daily work with my patients, and on the other hand I can develop a common strategy with my colleagues. We are cooperating for a common, sustainable cause: the best medical care for our patients.

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Curriculum Vitae

2000 until today

Heart Center Hirslanden Zurich

1993 – 2000

Senior physician, Medical Clinic City Hospital Triemli Zurich (Prof. O. Oelz/Prof. O. Bertel)

1992 – 1993

Senior physician, Cardiology Cantonal Hospital Lucerne (Prof. Dr. P. Ernte/Prof. F. Nager)

1991 – 1992

Assistant physician, Cardiology University Hospital Zurich (Prof. Dr. F. W. Amman/Prof. F. Follath)

Januar 1988 – Mai 1988

Senior Physician, Medical University Hospital Basel (Prof. W. Stauffacher)

1987 – 1988

Assistant physician, Medical University Hospital Basel (Prof. W. Stauffacher)


Specialist for Internal Medicine FMH

1986 – 1987

Assistant physician, Neurological University Polyclinic Basel (Prof. H. E. Käser/Prof. R. J. Wüthrich)

1985 – 1986

Assistant physician, Medical University Polyclinic Basel (Prof. U. C. Dubach)

Studies & diplomas


Study visit to New England Medical Center Boston USA


Specialist Internal Medicine FMH

Specialist Cardiology FMH


IDoctorate University of Basel


Studies at the University of Basel with diploma

ECG, exercise ECG, long-term ECG


Heart catheter examinations

Coronary dilatation

Implantation of stents in coronaries and other arteries

Implantation of endoluminal vascular prostheses

Invasive/interventional cardiology

ICD/CRT consultation

Myocardial scintigraphy

Outpatient examinations

German, English, Italian, French