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emergency number

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Telephone switchboard at the Hirslanden Heart Center in Zurich

Prof. Dr. med. Christian Schmied

Personal statement / motivation
"Heart and sport" - for me, this not only expresses the combination of my professional qualifications and my passion for medicine and life. For me, cardiology and sports medicine are also inextricably linked when it comes to the human organism and all clinical pictures in cardiovascular medicine. Exercise is one of the most important factors for health, both preventively and in the case of existing illnesses. I examine, advise and care for athletes and patients from all areas: from top athletes and recreational athletes to people with and without heart disease who want to exercise regularly.

As the legendary football coach Sepp Herberger once said: "After the game is before the game. The ball is round and a game lasts 90 minutes". My team at the Hirslanden Heart Centre and I are there for you: "Before the game, during the game and after the game".


2023 - until today

Sports cardiology/general cardiology Hirslanden Heart Centre

Attending physician at Klinik Hirslanden im Park and cardiologist at HerzGefässZentrum im Park

Head of the Sports Cardiology Research Group (CTEC), University Hospital Zurich

Medical Consultant, Clinic for Cardiology, University Hospital Zurich

2012 – 2023

Head of "FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence", University Heart Centre Zurich

2010 – 2023

Head of Sports Cardiology/Sports Medicine, University of Zurich "approved by Swiss Olympic"

2014 – 2023

Head Physician, University Heart Centre Zurich, General Cardiology Outpatient Clinic

2008 – 2014

Senior Physician Cardiology, University Hospital Zurich

2007 – 2008

Resident / Deputy Senior Physician Cardiology, Cantonal Hospital St. Gallen

2005 – 2007

Resident in Cardiology, University Hospital Zurich

2002 – 2005

Resident in Internal Medicine, Cantonal Hospital Winterthur

2002 – 2005

Resident in Internal Medicine, Winterthur Cantonal Hospital

1999 – 2001

Resident in internal medicine, Wetzikon Hospital

Studies & Diplomas

2022 Titular professorship for cardiology and internal medicine at the University of Zurich Venia Legendi (habilitation) for the field of cardiology/internal medicine ("Refuting the Paradox of Sport" - The Prevention of Exercise-Related Sudden Cardiac Death from Bench to Playground")

2014 Titular professorship for cardiology and internal medicine at the University of Zurich Venia Legendi (habilitation) for the field of cardiology/internal medicine ("Refuting the Paradox of Sport" - The Prevention of Exercise-Related Sudden Cardiac Death from Bench to Playground")

2008 Specialist title (FMH) Cardiology

2006 Specialist title (FMH) in general internal medicine and certificate in sports medicine SGSM/SEMS

1999 Dissertation ("Quantitative morphology of the kidneys in feto-fetal transfusion syndrome")

1998 State examination in human medicine, University of Zurich

1992-1998 Medical studies at the University of Zurich, study visits to Heidelberg (Germany) and Vienna (Austria), among others


Preventive cardiology, heart check / check-ups

Sports cardiology / sports medicine

Lipid consultation

Hypertension consultation

Heart failure and cardiomyopathy consultation

Consultation hours for neuromuscular diseases with cardiac involvement

Consultation hours for connective tissue diseases with cardiovascular involvement

Transthoracic and transoesophageal echocardiography (swallowing ultrasound) with special techniques (e.g. strain, 3D echo)

Stress echocardiography

Exercise tests / ergometry / spiroergometry on bike and treadmill

Performance diagnostics and training counselling

Long-term ECG monitoring and long-term blood pressure monitoring

Pacemaker and ICD checks


German, English, French, Italian



Renata Vaz


Medical practice assistant Medical and hospital secretary



Experience / Education

05 / 2021

currently HerzZentrum Hirslanden practice Dr med E. Schuiki

10 / 2020

University Hospital Zurich- Covid swab station/ Covid vaccination station and hotline

02 / 2020

MPA at the Kidney and Dialysis Centre Hospital, Männedorf

07 / 2019

Deputy head physician's secretary and MPA at Medbase Neuwiesen in Wintertuhr

08 / 2018

MPA at Medbase Neuwiesen in Winterthur, specialising in cardiology and gynaecology

Personal statement / motivation

It is important to me that patients feel comfortable and in good hands when they enter the practice. We only have one heart and it performs at its best every day - let's give it our best.

Bei uns sind Sie richtig, wir nehmen uns gerne genügend Zeit, um Sie zu beraten und in Ihrem Anliegen zu unterstützen.

Languages: German, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, little French


Swiss Medical Association (FMH)

Medical Association of the Canton of Zurich (AGZ)

Swiss Society of Cardiology (SGK)

Swiss Society of Internal Medicine (SGAIM)

Swiss Society for Sports Medicine (SEMS) - Board member

Swiss Working Group for Cardiovascular Prevention, Rehabilitation and Sports Cardiology (SCPRS) - Board member

German Society for Cardiology (DGK)


T 044 387 37 11
F 044 387 22 40