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emergency number

044 387 37 11

Telephone switchboard at the Hirslanden Heart Center in Zurich

Dr. med. Lian Krivoshei


10.2023 - until today

General cardiology, cardiac catheter examinations, Hirslanden Heart Centre Zurich

2022 – 2023

Head physician / Head of cardiac catheterisation laboratory and invasive cardiology, Liestal Cantonal Hospital

2021 – 2022

Senior physician in invasive cardiology, Liestal Cantonal Hospital

2020 – 2021

Emergency rotation, Baden Cantonal Hospital


Deputy Senior Consultant in Cardiology, Baden Cantonal Hospital

2019 – 2020

Deputy Senior Consultant in Invasive Cardiology, Baden Cantonal Hospital

2018 – 2019

Fellow in invasive cardiology, Aarau Cantonal Hospital

2015 – 2018

Assistant physician in cardiology, University Hospital / Inselspital Bern

2014 – 2015

Assistant physician in internal medicine, University Hospital Basel

2013 – 2014

Scientific physician, Cardiology Research, University Hospital Basel

2012 – 2013

Assistant Surgeon, Zofingen Hospital

2003 – 2006

Israeli Personal Security Unit, Israeli Ministry of Defence, Tel-Aviv, Israel

2002 – 2003

Employee, Israeli Embassy, Paris, France

2001 – 2002

Israeli Personal Protection Unit, Israeli Ministry of Defence, Tel Aviv, Israel

1999 – 2001

Israeli compulsory military service, Israeli Ministry of Defence, Tel Aviv, Israel

Studies & Diplomas

2022 IVUS Facharzttitel (FMH) Kardiologie

2022 Facharzttitel (FMH) Allgemeine Innere Medizin

2019 IVUS Training iFR (Philips)

2019 Coronary Physiology Training FFR, iFR (Abbott)

2018 Impella Training (Abiomed)

2018 Interventional Cardiology Training (Cordis)

2018 OCT Training (Abbott)

2018 Mitral-Clip Training (Abbott)

2018 TAVI-Sapien Training (Edwards)

2018 Echo Guidance for screening and interventions in structural heart diseases (Abbott)

2018 TAVI-Evolut Training (Medtronic)

2017 European Examination in General Cardiology (EEGC)

2015 ACLS Kurs

2014 Basic abdominal sonography course

2014 GCP basic course and advanced course, Sponsor-Investigator

2013 USMLE Step 2 CK

2013 ATLS Kurs

2011 USMLE Step 1

2006-2012 Medical studies, with doctorate, Summa Cum Laude, University of Debrecen, Hungary

2006-2012 Dissertation on the subject of "Clopidogrel" (clinical pharmacology)


General cardiology consultation

Invasive cardiac investigations (coronary angiography, cardiac catheterisation)

Interventional therapy of coronary disease (PCI with stent implantation)

Transthoracic echocardiography

ECG, stress ECG, long-term ECG


German, English, French, Italian, Hebrew



Renata Vaz


Medical practice assistant Medical and hospital secretary



Experience / Education

05 / 2021

currently HerzZentrum Hirslanden practice Dr med E. Schuiki

10 / 2020

University Hospital Zurich- Covid swab station/ Covid vaccination station and hotline

02 / 2020

MPA at the hospital kidney and dialysis centre, Männedorf

07 / 2019

Deputy head physician's secretary and MPA at Medbase Neuwiesen in Wintertuhr

08 / 2018

MPA at Medbase Neuwiesen in Winterthur, specialising in cardiology and gynaecology

Personal statement / motivation

It is important to me that patients feel comfortable and in good hands when they enter the practice. We only have one heart and it performs at its best every day - let's give it our best.

You've come to the right place - we'll be happy to take the time to advise you and support you with your concerns.

Languages: German, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, little French


Swiss Medical Association (FMH)

Medical Association of the Canton of Zurich (AGZ)

Swiss Society of Cardiology (SGK)

European Society of Cardiology (ESC)

European Association of Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions (EAPCI)


T 044 387 37 11
F 044 387 22 40